Pohatcong Tribe 61
609 296-1956
Pohatcong Tribe #61 Organization
Pohatcong Tribe #61 "Business Sponsors"

Hartley Construction - 609 296-6020 - August 2015
Michael Fasy Associates - 609 296-8080 - August 2015
IORM - Great Council of New Jersey - August 2015

Pohatcong Tribe #61 "Boosters"

Bill & Mary Kleinow - LEH - August 2015
Sam & Judy Colangelo - Tuckerton - August 2015
Howard & Bonnie Francis - Tuckerton - August 2015
Greg & Colleen Soroka - LEH - August 2015
Herman & Mary Ann Meyer - Tuckerton - August 2015
Al & Mary Lou Shelkonovzeff - Tuckerton - August 2015
Tom & Ginny Hartley III - Tuckerton - August 2015
Jim & Diane Hammell - LEH - August 2015
Jeff & Colleen Kleinow - LEH - August 2015
John Cooley - Tuckerton - August - 2015
ert & Pamela Zeleznok - LEH - August 2015
Gerry & Wendy Chandler - LEH - August 2015
Ed Rowe - LEH - August 2015
Kyle Kleinow - LEH - August 2015
Chub Higman - LEH - August 2015
Paulie Manfredo - LEH - August 2015
Unable To Follow The Hunt
"Rest In Peace"
Kurt D. Driscoll        Bob Stankowski        William Dulaney
Chris Comis        
Tom Hartley IV, PS        Mike Fisher        Ray P. Mott Sr.
Matthew Papaycik        Frank Rizzi        Edward Eckert
Guy Sanford        Butch Hoeh        
Gary Guthrie, PS        John F. Gill Sr.
Roger B. Sherry        Alan E. Ollivier        James Mitchell       
Emanuel Brown. PGI
Leland R. "Charlie" Stein        Howard "Sonny" Kramer        Jack McCormack
Sonny Driscoll, PS         Tom Resch, PS         William Bolton, PGS
Ray Mott        Russell Brown        Richard "Moose" Adamson
Erwin Bockhorn        Richard Taylor        
House Committee 2014
Robert Zeleznok, Chairman
Gerry Chandler, Bill Kleinow, Kyle Kleinow, Paulie Manfredo, Gary LaFetra , Ed Rowe
Tom Hartley III, Jeff Kleinow, Sam Colangelo, Steve Papiez, Al Shelkonovzeff
Remembering Tom Hartley IV
The Red Men Tribe 61 and the Borough of Tuckerton lost one of its own with the passing of Tom
Hartley IV. Tom died June 26, 2008 as a result of a tragic motorcycle accident.

Tom was a businessman, a devoted father and an asset to the Red Men and the community in which
he lived. He was recently sworn in as the Red Men Lodge Sachem.

Tom donated countless hours to further the work of the Red Men. He lived the Red Men motto of
Freedom, Friendship and Charity. His passing will leave a void for all that loved him.
Tuckerton Red Men
"The Improved Order of Red Men"
145 West Main Street
Tuckerton, New Jersey 08087
Great Chiefs - Great Council of New Jersey Link
November 2014 - May 2015
Pohatcong Tribe #61
145 West Main Street
Tuckerton, NJ 08087
609 296-1956
Fax: 609 296-2551
Sachem: Paulie Manfredo
Senior Sagamore: Kyle Kleinow
Junior Sagamore: Steve Papiez
1st Sannap:
2nd Sannap:
Robert Zeleznok
Chief of Records: Gary LaFetra
Keeper of Wampum: Ed Rowe
Sam Colangelo (2014-2017)
Jeff Kleinow     (2013-2016)
Tom Hartley III (2012-2015)
Representative Great Council:
Rob Zeleznok
Sam Colangelo
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House Committee Meeting - The Monday Before The Member Meeting - 7pm
Member Meeting - 3rd Wednesday of Each Month - 7:30pm